Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Zebra foal drawing mkII-still tinkering

All the stripes are now rendered,although a bit more judicious toning may be required later.The white areas have had yet another fine layer of H grade pencil overlayed and will need further darkening to complete the backlit look to the animal.The nose is now complete having been layered with all grades from H thru to 3B.i will darken the background toning to help 'lift' the image further and re-inforce the backlit nature of the piece.


Bev said...

Hi Clive, This is looking wonderful, I love the little details you have in the face. i.e. the change of direction in the fur in the centre of his forehead. Do you impress the white hairs and whiskers or do you use negative drawing. Love it!

Unknown said...

hi bev and thankyou for the kind comments.i used a little of both techniques in this one,i indented mainly around the edge of the zebra's face and on the forehead area and also on the whiskers caught by the backlighting.