Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Turnstone drawing almost complete

Not far to go now.The foreground water and reflections are almost complete.The second turnstone is now completed and all that remains to be done is to finish the foreground water or i should say the reflections in the foreground water.i have a few little pebbles to add at the extreme right of the drawing to help with the effect of showing where the water is extremely shallow and meeting the pebble beach of the harbour.


Unknown said...

Clive outstanding mate, the best yet I feel, as good as if not better than the image that won you Wildscape Wildlife Artist of the Year 2010.
Which is outstanding in its own right. Power to those pencils bud....P

Tracy Hall said...

Absolutely beautiful Clive.

Unknown said...

cheers paul and tracy,i'm really enjoying this one which i think is always a good sign!