Monday, 19 July 2010

Zebra foal drawing mkII

those followers of my blog with long memories may recognise this drawing or at least parts of it.i have started and re-started this piece so many times,always never entirely happy with it and yet always never quite able to throw it away.ive been tinkering once again and whilst there is a great deal of work still to do i feel that at last it's progressing in such a way as i can see myself finishing it!.i think my biggest problem with this one is all the layering necessary to get those stripes in place! its not the most exciting think to draw and i think the time away from it has done me good in that i can now identify problem areas and therefore approach the drawing re-invigorated.because i intend this piece to be backlit thereby creating some lovely highlights the 'white' areas are under constant review and the more i progress the darker those white areas are being made,albeit gently.

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