Wednesday, 21 July 2010

New Greetings cards arrived

ive just taken delivery of my first six greetings cards designs and i must say i'm really pleased with the quality.i'm looking forward to having them for sale at forthcoming shows and soon they will be available online on my website
my first subjects are (6"x6")a red squirrel,bengal tiger cub,lion,black leopard,(7"x5")african elephant and calf and (8"x4")a winter barn owl.


Ninon Nickerson said...

That is great! Glad to hear it. You can also add a sales feature to Google too if you sell through Amazon (good idea) or Cafe Press etc.

Unknown said...

hi ninette and thankyou for the info.i'll have to look into all my options for marketing,as i'm flying by the seat of my pants so far and not upto speed on all available gizmo's